Encounter with a Striped Marsh Frog

The rain has washed away the stifling summer heat. Everything’s glistening and frogs are moving around, finding new habitat. The other day, as I walked along a quiet residential street in the Blue Mountains, I noticed a rather winsome frog sitting on the road. By lucky coincidence I had my camera with me.

If anyone was watching through their window I don’t know what they must have thought, but you can’t get a ground-level photo of a frog without lying flat on the ground.

Striped Marsh Frog from ground level

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High flying honeyeater

Tawny-crowned 280716c

A silvery fluting drifts across the heath and enters your consciousness like fragments of a half-remembered dream. You listen harder but the fragments escape. The notes waft about, coming and going. You scan the surrounding shrubs but there’s no knowing which way the sound comes from. Continue reading